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Buses are more developed than railways in Greece. There are two terminals for long distance buses in Athens. One is Kifissou Terminal and the other is Liossion Terminal. If going to popular destinations such as Meteora and Delphi, you have to go to Liossion Terminal, which is called Bus Terminal B.

Where is Liossion Terminal?

Someone may say that you get on a local bus, and get it off at Plaktoria to go to Liossion Terminal. But you are likely to get lost. That is because a local bus stop of Plaktoria is located on Liossion street, but the bus terminal is not on the street. You have to walk hundreds of meters after getting off the bus at Plaktoria.

Walking from the nearest metro station

What is the easiest way to get the bus terminal? I would recommend you walk from Kato Patissia station, the subway line 1 (METRO Line 1). Kato Patissia is the nearest station of the bus terminal.

If you get on the subway from the center of Athens like Omonia and Syntagma, get off at Kato Patissia and exit the station. Then you can see a small red church called Agia Xeni.

Small red church, Agia Xeni, near Kato Patissia metro station
Agia Xeni

There is a small square on the right side of the church. You go through the square, then you only walk following Google map. Just turn right, turn left. Just turning two times before reaching Liossion Terminal and it takes within 10 minutes. It is very easy.


If you walk a little after the second turn, then you will be able to see yellow taxis in front of the bus terminal. Even though an entrance of the bus terminal is small, the inside of it is  spacious and comfortable.

Yellow taxis waiting for passengers near Liossion Terminal
Yellow taxis

The entrance of Liossion Terminal
The entrance of Liossion Terminal

There are ticket offices on the right side in the terminal. If you plan to get on buses for both going and returning, it is better you purchase a round trip ticket. It is because it is hard to find a bus ticket office in countrysides.

Ticket office in Liossion Terminal
Ticket office

Airport Bus doesn't stop at Liossion Terminal

As for Liossion Terminal, there is one thing to keep in mind. There are airport buses connecting Athens International Airport with the center of Athens, and number X93 buses are operated between the airport and another Kifissou Terminal (bus terminal A), which is a long distance bus terminal.

Some pieces of information tells X93 buses stop at Liossion Terminal, but please note that the airport bus does not stop at Liossion Terminal. The X93 airport buses stop on Liossion street, but goes through Liossion Terminal.

You'd better watch out if you are planning of going to Liossion Terminal directly from the airport.

How to get to Liossion Bus Terminal?